Wedding Wednesday – Marie Harless and Norman Brogan

Almost 73 years ago, Marie Harless, the 17 year old daughter of Belva Lockwood Brown and Lightburn Bernie Harless, married Norman B. Brogan in Russell, Greenup County, Kentucky. I have often wondered if the couple chose to marry in Kentucky because Marie was under age to marry in West Virginia without parental consent.

The newspaper reported:

Mrs. Norman Brogan is the former Miss Marie Harless, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Harless of Dunbar, who was married Sept. 14 in Russell, Ky., [to Norman Brogan,] son of Mrs. Rosamonde A. Black and nephew of Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Brogan. Rev. John R. Gilpin read the ceremony in the presence of Mr. and Mrs. Bever Justices of Oak Hill and Mr. Fred Harless.

The bride attended Madison schools and her husband, an employee of the Graveley Motor company in Dunbar, was graduated from Dunbar high school. The couple resides at 320 McAndrews street, Dunbar.

Marie Harless Wedding


The Charleston Gazette, Charleston, WV, 27 September 1940.

Marie Harless

Born: 6 March 1923.
Parents: Lightburn Bernie Harless and Belva Lockwood Brown.
Spouse: Norman B. Brogan.
Known Children: unknown.
Relationship to Johan Philip Harless: 5th great-granddaughter.

  1. Johan Philip Harless.
  2. Martin Harless.
  3. Philip Harless.
  4. Philip Henry Harless.
  5. William Anderson Harless
  6. John William Harless.
  7. Lightburn Bernie Harless.
  8. Marie Harless.