AncestryDNA Sale

DNA testing is a great tool to add to your genealogy research kit and right now AncestryDNA is offering their DNA testing for just $59 (plus tax and shipping) in the US.

If you have already been tested, think about buying a test for other family members because when you add at least one person on each side of your family, the matches become much easier to sort and interpret.

The sale starts at 6pm EST on Monday, February 11, and ends at 11:59pm EST on Thursday, February 14.

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Changing Servers and Downtime

I know this site is popular and I enjoy sharing my research, but over the last 20 years I have put a lot of money into this and I can’t keep doing that so I have moved the site to a cheaper server. In doing so I have lost some files and all of the databases that fed the various searches. The tree is still ok and so are the blog posts, but some (all?) of the images are gone. I have backups of everything and will work on getting things back to normal but I may not be putting the databases back as those cost more money and a lot of time. I had a lot of fun writing those and learned a lot along the way, but rebuilding them is time consuming and hosting them adds to the cost. As I see it, my choices are to cut my costs to a level I don’t mind paying or to ask for help. At the moment I am choosing to cut costs, but if anyone would like to sponsor a particular database (military, city directories, on this day, graduates, etc.) I would be happy to re-create it.

Added 1500 New People to the Family Tree!

It’s been a while since I updated the family tree, but I think this one was worth the wait. Lots of corrections, as always, but lots of additions too. I am loving the SS Application files on – a great way to find maiden names for and the parents of married female ancestors. With over 80,000 people in this family tree it takes me a lot of time to work my way through everyone, but if you send me updates I always do some extra work on your line in return. Let’s call it an incentive.

One question I get very often is “Why do you only have x number of children for my parents/grandparents?” and my answer is always the same – because those are the only children I know about, tell me who is missing and I will add them. The most common reason for missing some children in recent generations is because I get information from obituaries and they aren’t always exactly clear about certain details. I love it when they include the names of grandchildren, but it isn’t always obvious which grandchildren belong to which parents so I can’t include them until I get more clues.

I often get emails saying “I don’t know very much, but…” That’s great, I knew nothing when I started this. Together we can get further. If you share your little bit with me, I can share it with everyone else and maybe turn up some new information as well.

I guess what I am saying is, thank you for sending me updates and corrections, please keep doing this.

Tree Updates, 26 November 2016

Baker, Wallace Dewayne b. 24 May 1943
Bentley, Marie Sue b. c 1929
Brammer, Christopher John b. 18 Jul 1989
Brammer, John Jackson Jr b. 5 May 1970
Brammer, Jonathan Shane b. 29 Feb 1992
Brammer, Vonda Kay b. 21 Aug 1990
Brown, Clarence Preston
Brown, Georgia Ann b. 9 Nov 1952
Byrd, Andreana Lynn b. 26 Oct 1993
Chandler, David Brian
Chandler, Nathan b. 8 Nov 2006
Coates, Gary Lee b. 26 May 1966
Coates, Ralph Martin
Davis, Wilma Nell
Deskins, Shirley Dean
Harless, Arthur Wayne b. 7 Jan 1949, d. 7 May 2009
Harless, Breana Michelle b. 18 Dec 1999
Harless, Cody Edward b. 3 Oct 1998
Harless, Jessica Kathryn b. 29 Mar 1990
Harless, Tammy Lynn b. 15 Aug 1972
Harless, Theresa Ann b. 20 Feb 1974
Harless, Timothy Wayne b. 21 Feb 2000
Harless, Tina Renee b. 26 Sep 1976
Haworth, Debra Fay b. 11 Nov 1960
Haworth, Harold Stephen b. 19 May 1949
Haworth, Helen Elizabeth b. 3 Apr 1962
Haworth, Pamela Renee b. 15 Jun 1965
Hayden, Corine Lurah b. c 1924, d. 23 Jun 2014
Humphrey, Margaret Grace
Hurst, Daniel Ray
Lowery, Crockett
Lowery, Donald Lee b. 21 Sep 1965
Miller, Ruby
Morris, Jonathan Edwards
Orange, John Wilton
Osborne, Verna Mae
Peters, James Elmo
Peters, Jeffery Wayne b. 26 Dec 1959
Riddle, (?)
Robbins, Dreama Ann b. 23 Oct 1954
Robinson, John Cleveland III b. 16 Sep 1953
Smith, Ella Beamer b. 1 Sep 1889, d. 13 Nov 1978
Smith, John J. b. 12 Feb 1854, d. 18 May 1931
Smith, Shirley Norma b. 31 Dec 1925, d. 26 Feb 1993
Sutphin, (?)
Turpin, Cynthia Renee b. 29 Feb 1996
Turpin, Joshua Dale b. 16 Aug 1993
Turpin, Roger Dale
Vanover, James David
Vanover, Sherrie Renee b. 24 Oct 1957
Woods, Nancy Rhoda b. 21 Jul 1858, d. 6 Aug 1938

Tree Updates, 25 November 2016

(?), Barb
(?), Betty
(?), Brenda
(?), Cora R.
(?), Donna
(?), Ivy
(?), Julie
(?), Linda
(?), Linda
(?), Nila
(?), Sandra
(?), Vicky
(?), Wanda
Barr, Bobby
Barr, Bobby B.
Barr, John
Bass, Noah
Bass, Sam
Bennett, (?)
Booher, David Andrew b. 6 May 1931, d. 23 Jul 1995
Booher, Nora Elizabeth b. 1891, d. 1969
Bradford, Blanche Wavelene b. 26 Jul 1916, d. 1 Jul 1993
Bradford, Isaac Daniel
Browning, (?)
Canada, (?)
Carrier, Alice
Carrier, Barbara
Carrier, Danny
Carrier, Dennis
Carrier, James
Carrier, James Cornelius b. 12 Dec 1926, d. 23 Apr 2010
Carrier, Jeffery Lee b. 10 Jan 1954
Carrier, Jerry Wayne b. 1 Jul 1956, d. 3 Jul 1989
Carrier, Joan
Carrier, Julie
Carrier, Mike
Carrier, Tim
Carrier, Tommy L. b. 21 Oct 1957, d. 12 Jun 1980
Carrier, Walter
Chapman, Cora b. 1887, d. 1907
Collins, Amanda Emaline b. c 1872
Collins, Betty Elizabeth b. 26 Feb 1939, d. 18 May 2009
Collins, Elisha Alonzo b. Apr 1895, d. 3 May 1925
Collins, Emmett Elijah b. 18 Jun 1894, d. 4 Sep 1968
Collins, Emmett Elijah b. 18 May 1934, d. 15 Oct 1987
Collins, John T. b. c 1861, d. 8 Dec 1925
Collins, Joyce Victoria b. 25 Oct 1936, d. 17 Jul 2007
Collins, Mary Jane b. c 1925, d. 31 Aug 2015
Collins, Robert
Collins, Thelma Rose b. 12 Jul 1927, d. Jun 1986
Countiss, Chester
Cox, Evelyn Lorraine
Crystal, (?)
Debates, Peggy A.
Depew, (?)
Faris, Maude Lillian b. 18 Mar 1885, d. 10 May 1954
Fleenor, James Ross b. 23 Oct 1868, d. 24 Apr 1952
Fleenor, William Westley b. 24 Jun 1843, d. 22 Jun 1925
Green, Bessie Mae
Green, Fanny E. b. 1 Feb 1892, d. 2 Feb 1974
Green, James
Green, James Matthew b. 25 Apr 1911, d. 16 Jan 1973
Green, Jessie R. b. c 1914
Green, John William b. 23 Apr 1867, d. 5 Jan 1936
Green, Robert E. L. b. c 1908
Green, Walter Franklin b. 3 Feb 1896, d. 16 Nov 1946
Green, William H. b. Oct 1899
Hall, Coy T.
Hall, Dorothy E. b. 27 Dec 1930, d. 16 Feb 2011
Hall, Katherine Louise b. 2 Nov 1930, d. 18 Jan 2010
Halphin, India Alice
Harless, Amanda Lucille b. 10 Aug 1899, d. 14 Apr 1953
Harless, Elisha b. c 1874, d. 26 Sep 1932
Harless, Elisha E. b. Feb 1830
Harless, Lucretia b. 1860, d. 10 Dec 1938
Harless, Mary Ann b. c 1850, d. 28 May 1925
Haworth, Betty
Haworth, David
Haworth, Earl Dean
Haworth, Ed
Haworth, Harold Hubert b. 25 May 1921, d. 14 Apr 1989
Haworth, Joyce
Haworth, Patricia Kay
Haworth, Roy
Haworth, Shirley
Hayden, Alan
Hayden, Albert Willard b. 6 Nov 1918, d. 21 Sep 2001
Hayden, Andrew
Hayden, Arthur L. b. 9 Sep 1907, d. 28 Mar 1997
Hayden, Carol Marie b. 1 Jan 1930, d. 23 May 2012
Hayden, David Charles
Hayden, Edward Milton b. 15 Jul 1878, d. Apr 1970
Hayden, Garnetta Virginia b. 8 Aug 1927, d. 6 Sep 1995
Hayden, Gertrude b. 18 Mar 1905, d. 3 Mar 1988
Hayden, Haines b. c 1931
Hayden, Harry
Hayden, Harry Teeter b. 4 Aug 1931, d. 16 Jun 2005
Hayden, Helen Ethel b. 8 May 1913, d. 2 Mar 2002
Hayden, Hugh Ivan b. 7 Dec 1921, d. 1 Nov 2012
Hayden, John Thomas b. 12 Sep 1880, d. 23 May 1974
Hayden, Karen
Hayden, Katrina
Hayden, Loretta E. b. c 1932, d. 3 Mar 2012
Hayden, Mary Amanda b. 6 Jul 1910, d. 26 Jun 2002
Hayden, Mildred b. c 1938
Hayden, Nancy
Hayden, Nancy Elizabeth b. 3 Mar 1873, d. 14 Jan 1922
Hayden, Peggy Lynn b. c 1940
Hayden, Percy Trigg b. 29 Dec 1898, d. 25 Dec 1989
Hayden, Roy Edward b. 29 Aug 1915, d. 13 Sep 1999
Hayden, Sandi
Hayden, Susan
Hayden, Todd
Holsonback, Lakesha
Holsonback, Tim
Hopkins, (?)
Hopkins, David
Hopkins, Donna
Hopkins, Jim
Hopkins, Marie
Howard, (?)
Land, (?)
McCauley, Carl Findlay b. 10 Mar 1930, d. 1 Jun 2016
McCauley, Carl Findlay
McCauley, Cathy Loretta b. 5 Aug 1955
Morelock, Angela Dawn b. 25 May 1973, d. 25 May 1973
Morelock, Clyde Thomas b. 24 Feb 1920, d. 6 Jan 1993
Morelock, Jonathan E. b. 1858, d. 3 Nov 1942
Morelock, Linda Jane b. 3 Jul 1956, d. 3 Apr 2015
Morelock, Richard T. b. 1954
Morelock, Stuart b. 14 Jan 1904, d. 30 Dec 1981
Morton, Elmo Lee
Morton, Regina Leigh
Morton, Ronnie Lee b. 9 Aug 1954, d. 20 Dec 2002
Peak, Mary Ella
Phelps, Amanda
Phelps, Gale
Phelps, Toby
Poole, Charles L. b. 11 Sep 1927, d. 4 May 1990
Poole, Charlie L.
Poole, Chuck
Poole, Kim
Poole, Lynn
Poole, Robin
Rasnake, (?)
Rauman, (?)
Roark, Candy b. 26 Jul 1896, d. 25 Sep 1953
Roderic, Frances
Rouse, Cecil
Smiley, (?)
Smiley, Kaylee Brooke
Smith, Lucille
Smith, Myrtle
Statzer, Lula b. 1875, d. 14 Aug 1954
Tate, James
Tate, Janie Ethel b. 14 Nov 1927, d. 11 Mar 2013
Taylor, Bob
Tester, Earl b. 19 Jul 1923, d. 26 Dec 2015
Tester, Robert Lee
Venable, Joyce
Waterfield, Robert
Weaver, Matthew
Whitaker, (?)
Williams, Jerusha b. c 1835