Linda S. (?)

     Linda S. (?) married D. Luther Hollingsworth, son of Harry DeWitt Hollingsworth and Norma Doris Large.

David Oscar Booher

     David Oscar Booher married Ida Flossie Hazelwood.

Child of David Oscar Booher and Ida Flossie Hazelwood

Ida Flossie Hazelwood

     Ida Flossie Hazelwood married David Oscar Booher.

Child of Ida Flossie Hazelwood and David Oscar Booher

Atlas P. Smith

     Atlas P. Smith married Ellander F. Casey.

Child of Atlas P. Smith and Ellander F. Casey

Ellander F. Casey

     Ellander F. Casey married Atlas P. Smith.

Child of Ellander F. Casey and Atlas P. Smith

George Washington Hamilton

     George Washington Hamilton married Mary Elizabeth Swartout.

Child of George Washington Hamilton and Mary Elizabeth Swartout

Mary Elizabeth Swartout

     Mary Elizabeth Swartout married George Washington Hamilton.

Child of Mary Elizabeth Swartout and George Washington Hamilton

Joseph William Parker

     Joseph William Parker married Mattie Adeline Vinson.

Child of Joseph William Parker and Mattie Adeline Vinson

Mattie Adeline Vinson

     Mattie Adeline Vinson married Joseph William Parker.

Child of Mattie Adeline Vinson and Joseph William Parker

Georgie D. Sturges

b. 22 February 1918, d. 2 September 1985
     Georgie D. Sturges was born on 22 February 1918. He married Lovie Lucille Parker, daughter of George E. Parker and Eula Cannaday.

     Georgie D. Sturges died 2 September 1985.