Ethel Alberta Mayberry

     Ethel Alberta Mayberry married Lewis Milton Tucker.

Child of Ethel Alberta Mayberry and Lewis Milton Tucker

Melvin Harless

     Melvin Harless married Mary Ethel Blankenship.

Child of Melvin Harless and Mary Ethel Blankenship

Mary Ethel Blankenship

     Mary Ethel Blankenship married Melvin Harless.

Child of Mary Ethel Blankenship and Melvin Harless

Donald Ray Persinger

b. 18 June 1943
     Donald Ray Persinger was born on 18 June 1943 in West Virginia. He is the son of Alfred James Persinger and Elsie Elmira Reynolds. Donald Ray Persinger married Tammy Jo Harless, daughter of Melvin Harless and Mary Ethel Blankenship, 30 December 1988 in Covington, Alleghany County, Virginia.

Alfred James Persinger

     Alfred James Persinger married Elsie Elmira Reynolds.

Child of Alfred James Persinger and Elsie Elmira Reynolds

Elsie Elmira Reynolds

     Elsie Elmira Reynolds married Alfred James Persinger.

Child of Elsie Elmira Reynolds and Alfred James Persinger

Elmer Moreland

b. circa 1909
     Elmer Moreland was born circa 1909 in Kentucky. He married Bertie Ethel Harless, daughter of Isaac Harless and Lula Arizona Pinion.

Children of Elmer Moreland and Bertie Ethel Harless

Dennis M. Poston

b. 27 March 1944, d. 28 June 1997
     Dennis M. Poston was born on 27 March 1944. He was the son of Everett Poston and Erma Baker.

     Dennis M. Poston died 28 June 1997.

Child of Dennis M. Poston

Che H. Hia

b. 2 September 1959
     Che H. Hia was born on 2 September 1959 in Cambodia. He is the son of Chung V. Hia and Ho T. Pham. Che H. Hia married Debra Lynn Bolen, daughter of David Lee Bolen and Edith Mae Harless, 18 June 1988 in Henrico County, Virginia.

Timothy L. Shenk

b. 14 July 1967, d. 6 July 2012
     Timothy L. Shenk was born on 14 July 1967 in Lima, Allen County, Ohio. He was the son of Edward Shenk and Zoma Avonell Harless.

     Timothy L. Shenk died 6 July 2012 in Lima, Allen County, Ohio.