Bradley Canter

     Bradley Canter married Barbara E. Hartsock.

Children of Bradley Canter and Barbara E. Hartsock

Barbara E. Hartsock

     Barbara E. Hartsock married Bradley Canter.

Children of Barbara E. Hartsock and Bradley Canter

Reta Davison

b. 17 May 1922, d. 7 July 2012
     Reta Davison was born on 17 May 1922 in Washington County, Virginia. She was the daughter of William Davison and Carrie Hobbs. Reta Davison married Paul Nunley, son of William Christopher Nunley and Rosa Lee Smith. Reta Davison married Elmer Botts, son of Henry Jackson Bott and Cora Mae Stata.

     Reta Davison died 7 July 2012 in Bristol, Sullivan County, Tennessee.

Children of Reta Davison and Paul Nunley

Freddie Paul Nunley

     Freddie Paul Nunley is the son of Paul Nunley and Reta Davison. Freddie Paul Nunley married Jan (?).

Jan (?)

     Jan (?) married Freddie Paul Nunley, son of Paul Nunley and Reta Davison.

Ruby Marie Bellamy

b. 16 May 1919, d. 12 November 2007
     Ruby Marie Bellamy was born on 16 May 1919 in Gate City, Scott County, Virginia. She married Muncy Lee Stata, son of Charles P. Stata and Caldonia L. Nunley.

     Ruby Marie Bellamy died 12 November 2007 in Kingsport, Sullivan County, Tennessee.

Joe Lilly

     Joe Lilly married Ruth Harless, daughter of John Wayne Harless and Lucretia Gobble, 8 December 1890 in Washington County, Virginia.

Gladys Hazel Stabler

b. circa 1913
     Gladys Hazel Stabler was born circa 1913 in Alabama. She married Ralph Alonzo Stata, son of Walter Ernest Stata and Tinie Victoria Counts, 30 October 1934 in Crittenden County, Arkansas.

Melborne Sanford Spradlin

b. 3 February 1912, d. 19 February 1986
     Melborne Sanford Spradlin was born on 3 February 1912 in Virginia. He was the son of Samuel Spradlin and Annie Lee Sheets. Melborne Sanford Spradlin married Mary Loucinda Stata, daughter of Walter Ernest Stata and Tinie Victoria Counts.

     Melborne Sanford Spradlin died 19 February 1986 in Abingdon, Washington County, Virginia.