Ernest Frederick Hutton

     Ernest Frederick Hutton married Etta Mae Thomas.

Child of Ernest Frederick Hutton and Etta Mae Thomas

Etta Mae Thomas

     Etta Mae Thomas married Ernest Frederick Hutton.

Child of Etta Mae Thomas and Ernest Frederick Hutton

Ervil Williamson

     Ervil Williamson married Rosie Ehrich.

Child of Ervil Williamson and Rosie Ehrich

Rosie Ehrich

     Rosie Ehrich married Ervil Williamson.

Child of Rosie Ehrich and Ervil Williamson

Roy A. Simmerman

     Roy A. Simmerman married Nellie Wolverton.

Child of Roy A. Simmerman and Nellie Wolverton

Nellie Wolverton

     Nellie Wolverton married Roy A. Simmerman.

Child of Nellie Wolverton and Roy A. Simmerman

Robert Ivan Willis

b. 22 March 1922
     Robert Ivan Willis was born on 22 March 1922 in Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana. He is the son of Ivan Willis and Gladys Marie Gibsen. Robert Ivan Willis married Valdora Jane Harless, daughter of Ora Walter Harless and Beulah Mae Bryant, 25 June 1943 in Delaware County, Indiana.

Ivan Willis

     Ivan Willis married Gladys Marie Gibsen.

Child of Ivan Willis and Gladys Marie Gibsen

Gladys Marie Gibsen

     Gladys Marie Gibsen married Ivan Willis.

Child of Gladys Marie Gibsen and Ivan Willis

Arthur Shull

b. circa 1883
     Arthur Shull was born circa 1883 in Indiana. He married Jessie Durham.

Child of Arthur Shull and Jessie Durham