(?) Stone

     (?) Stone married Eva May Shepherd.

Child of (?) Stone and Eva May Shepherd

Grace (?)

     Grace (?) married Edward Harless.

Children of Grace (?) and Edward Harless

Pauline (?)

b. circa 1897
     Pauline (?) was born circa 1897. She married William Harrison Harless, son of William H. Harless and Mary Adelza Welch.

Bertha Payne

     Bertha Payne married Ralph Clinton Knight, son of William Nelson Knight and Lula Eveline Tharp.

Ollie Foland

     Ollie Foland married Lillian Cushman.

Child of Ollie Foland and Lillian Cushman

Lillian Cushman

     Lillian Cushman married Ollie Foland.

Child of Lillian Cushman and Ollie Foland

Truman Culver

     Truman Culver married Frances Murden.

Child of Truman Culver and Frances Murden

Frances Murden

     Frances Murden married Truman Culver.

Child of Frances Murden and Truman Culver

Georgia Fern Quinley

b. 10 February 1887, d. January 1967
     Georgia Fern Quinley was born on 10 February 1887. She married Elmer Anderson Key, son of James Luther Key and Sarah Frances Jones, 12 June 1901 in Monroe County, Missouri.

     Georgia Fern Quinley died January 1967.

Children of Georgia Fern Quinley and Elmer Anderson Key

Francis Smith

b. 19 January 1859, d. 3 October 1928
     Francis Smith was born on 19 January 1859 in Kentucky. She was the daughter of Perry Smith. Francis Smith married John French Key, son of John Martin Key and Sarah Harless, 7 September 1879.

     Francis Smith died 3 October 1928 in Shelbina, Shelby County, Missouri.

Child of Francis Smith and John French Key