Hubert Thomas Young

b. 29 June 1921, d. 5 March 1972
     Hubert Thomas Young was born on 29 June 1921 in Virginia. He was the son of Wellington Fulton Young and Laura Harless. Hubert Thomas Young married Nannie Ellen Peters, daughter of John Patrick Peters and Carrie Lee Young, 17 July 1948 in Gate City, Scott County, Virginia.

     Hubert Thomas Young died 5 March 1972 in Pennington Gap, Lee County, Virginia.

Children of Hubert Thomas Young and Nannie Ellen Peters

Alma Mary Spicer

b. circa 1893
     Alma Mary Spicer was born circa 1893 in Virginia. She married John Ezra Wysong, son of John F. Wysong and Mary Susan Scott.

Children of Alma Mary Spicer and John Ezra Wysong

Mildred E. Hudlow

b. 9 March 1924, d. 29 December 1982
     Mildred E. Hudlow was born on 9 March 1924 in Indiana. She was the daughter of Albert Hudlow. Mildred E. Hudlow married Jack Ray Harless, son of Orval Ray Harless and Mildred Peterson.

     Mildred E. Hudlow died 29 December 1982 in Lafayette, Tippecanoe County, Indiana.

Child of Mildred E. Hudlow and Jack Ray Harless

H. Eugene Harless

     H. Eugene Harless married Geraldine (?).

Carly J. Harless

b. 2 July 1999
     Carly J. Harless was born on 2 July 1999. She is the daughter of Jason R. Langford and Marilyn Jeanine Harless.

Jason R. Langford

Child of Jason R. Langford and Marilyn Jeanine Harless

Shirley Imogene Robison

b. 30 July 1933, d. 1 May 1986
     Shirley Imogene Robison was born on 30 July 1933. She married Irskel Marconi Harless, son of James Justin Harless and Clara Macel Middleton, 1952 in Franklin County, Florida.

     Shirley Imogene Robison died 1 May 1986.

Clarence E. Turpin

b. circa 1907
     Clarence E. Turpin was born circa 1907 in Virginia. He is the son of Amos Edward Turpin and Virginia B. Kissinger.

Andrew C. Ellis

b. September 1889
     Andrew C. Ellis was born in September 1889 in Logan County, West Virginia. He was the son of John Henry Ellis and Letha Mae Harless. Andrew C. Ellis married Esther Aleshire 20 July 1912 in Boone County, West Virginia. Andrew C. Ellis married Bertha Burgess 14 March 1915 in Blair, Logan County, West Virginia.

Child of Andrew C. Ellis and Esther Aleshire

Children of Andrew C. Ellis and Bertha Burgess

Bessie Mae (?)

b. circa 1889
     Bessie Mae (?) was born circa 1889 in Virginia. She married Joseph William Turpin, son of Josiah Thomas Turpin and Orlena J. Kissinger.

Children of Bessie Mae (?) and Joseph William Turpin