Nora Elizabeth Vickers

b. July 1881, d. 26 June 1975
     Nora Elizabeth Vickers was born in July 1881 in West Virginia. She married William Newton Breedlove, son of Robert Town Breedlove and Elizabeth Ann Stone, circa 1897.

     Nora Elizabeth Vickers died 26 June 1975.

Children of Nora Elizabeth Vickers and William Newton Breedlove

Mary Ann Barker

b. 21 February 1835, d. 18 September 1916
     Mary Ann Barker was born on 21 February 1835 in Kentucky. She married William Samuel Lucas, son of Thomas J. Lucas and Mahala Harless.

     Mary Ann Barker died 18 September 1916 in Lamar, Barton County, Missouri.

Children of Mary Ann Barker and William Samuel Lucas

Stella Ann McCallister

b. 25 February 1901, d. 11 October 1981
     Stella Ann McCallister was born on 25 February 1901 in West Virginia. She married John Howard Breedlove, son of William Newton Breedlove and Nora Elizabeth Vickers, circa 1918.

     Stella Ann McCallister died 11 October 1981.

Children of Stella Ann McCallister and John Howard Breedlove

Michiall G. Juiano

b. circa 1920
     Michiall G. Juiano was born circa 1920 in Italy. He married Dannis Lenora Harless, daughter of Virgil Paul Harless and Naomi White, 11 November 1944 in Weirton, Hancock County, West Virginia.

Child of Michiall G. Juiano and Dannis Lenora Harless

Judith Ann Juiano

     Judith Ann Juiano is the daughter of Michiall G. Juiano and Dannis Lenora Harless.

George Terry

     George Terry married Elizabeth Stroud.

Child of George Terry and Elizabeth Stroud

Elizabeth Stroud

     Elizabeth Stroud married George Terry.

Child of Elizabeth Stroud and George Terry

Julia C. Grace

b. 22 January 1872, d. before 1896
     Julia C. Grace was born on 22 January 1872 in Washington County, Virginia. She was the daughter of Thomas Grace. Julia C. Grace married Samuel L. Mitchell, son of John M. Mitchell and Emily Harless, 16 September 1884 in Washington County, Virginia.

     Julia C. Grace died before 1896.

Child of Julia C. Grace and Samuel L. Mitchell

Belvia Viola Longhorne Mitchell

b. September 1893
     Belvia Viola Longhorne Mitchell was born in September 1893 in Virginia. She is the daughter of Samuel L. Mitchell and Julia C. Grace. Belvia Viola Longhorne Mitchell married King Worley, son of Nathan Worley and Hulday Kaylor, circa 1907.

Child of Belvia Viola Longhorne Mitchell and King Worley

Sarah E. Childress

b. April 1878
     Sarah E. Childress was born in April 1878 in Virginia. She married Samuel L. Mitchell, son of John M. Mitchell and Emily Harless, circa 1897.