Jane E. Miller

b. circa 1848
     Jane E. Miller was born circa 1848 in Ohio. She was the daughter of (?) Miller. Jane E. Miller married John Carnahan Harless, son of Paul Miller Harless and Mary Isabelle Carnahan, 17 May 1868 in Clarke County, Iowa.

Children of Jane E. Miller and John Carnahan Harless

Rev. John Carnahan

Child of Rev. John Carnahan and Sarah Adams

Sarah Adams

Child of Sarah Adams and Rev. John Carnahan

Sylvia Hilda Bailey

b. 24 August 1921, d. January 1944
     Sylvia Hilda Bailey was born on 24 August 1921. She married Clyde Raymond Harless, son of John Elmer Harless and Ella Hazel Workman, 13 November 1939.

     Sylvia Hilda Bailey died January 1944.

Child of Sylvia Hilda Bailey and Clyde Raymond Harless

Clyde James Harless Sr.

b. 2 April 1905, d. 6 March 1994
     Clyde James Harless Sr. was born on 2 April 1905 in Alabama. He was the son of Charles Thomas Harless and Cynthia Jane Elkins. Clyde James Harless Sr. married Mabel Emma Wilmann.

     Clyde James Harless Sr. died 6 March 1994 in San Diego County, California.

Children of Clyde James Harless Sr. and Mabel Emma Wilmann

Clyde Harless

b. 18 December 1914, d. 11 July 1998
     Clyde Harless was born on 18 December 1914 in Alabama. He was the son of Wiley Dan Harless and Emma Florentine Elmore. Clyde Harless married Hattie Mae Pate, daughter of Tom A. Pate and Myrtie Clardy.

     Clyde Harless died 11 July 1998.

Children of Clyde Harless and Hattie Mae Pate

Cookerly Fleenor

     Cookerly Fleenor married Levie Eve Counts.

Child of Cookerly Fleenor and Levie Eve Counts

Levie Eve Counts

     Levie Eve Counts married Cookerly Fleenor.

Child of Levie Eve Counts and Cookerly Fleenor

Ruthie Lucretia Fleenor

b. 13 February 1908, d. 16 May 1992
     Ruthie Lucretia Fleenor was born on 13 February 1908 in Washington County, Virginia. She was the daughter of James Ross Fleenor and Mary Ellen Alice Arnold. Ruthie Lucretia Fleenor married Lee Mack Statzer, son of Joseph Statzer, 25 January 1929.

     Ruthie Lucretia Fleenor died 16 May 1992 in Washington County, Virginia.

Children of Ruthie Lucretia Fleenor and Lee Mack Statzer

Sallie Fleenor

b. 7 November 1899
     Sallie Fleenor was born on 7 November 1899 in Virginia. She was the daughter of James Ross Fleenor and Mary Ellen Alice Arnold. Sallie Fleenor married Arthur Tillison 20 September 1920.