Sharon Harless

     Sharon Harless was the daughter of Damor William Eugene Harless and Betty Joann Dick. Sharon Harless married (?) Thompson.

James H. Harless

b. August 1834
     James H. Harless was born in August 1834 in Kanawha County, Virginia. He was the son of William Riley Harless and Nancy Jane Douglas. James H. Harless married Sarah Adams 21 December 1854 in Lawrence County, Ohio.

Children of James H. Harless and Sarah Adams

Nancy Burk

     Nancy Burk married Jacob D. Douglas October 1798 in Montgomery County, Virginia.

Children of Nancy Burk and Jacob D. Douglas

George Washington Douglas

b. 14 March 1820
     George Washington Douglas was born on 14 March 1820 in Virginia. He was the son of Jacob D. Douglas and Frances Harless. George Washington Douglas married Elizabeth Gore Dial 15 February 1844.

Children of George Washington Douglas and Elizabeth Gore Dial

Bryce A. Harless

b. 14 December 1912, d. 4 February 1997
     Bryce A. Harless was born on 14 December 1912 in Boone County, West Virginia. He was the son of Willie Harless and Olivia Ellen Browning. Bryce A. Harless married Delphia D. Sutphin, daughter of Ira Sutphin and Ada Sutphin, 7 May 1936 in Madison, Boone County, West Virginia.

     Bryce A. Harless died 4 February 1997.

Children of Bryce A. Harless and Geraldine Ann Vickers

Children of Bryce A. Harless and Delphia D. Sutphin

Henry Small Foster

b. January 1834
     Henry Small Foster was born in January 1834 in Ohio. He married Margaret M. Grabbs.

Child of Henry Small Foster and Margaret M. Grabbs

Lucinda Jane Elsworth

b. 26 December 1863, d. 4 May 1924
     Lucinda Jane Elsworth was born on 26 December 1863 in Indiana. She married Andrew Harless, son of John W. Harless and Elizabeth Davis, circa 1877.

     Lucinda Jane Elsworth died 4 May 1924 in Anderson, Madison County, Indiana.

Children of Lucinda Jane Elsworth and Andrew Harless