George W. Vohon

b. circa 1866, d. 4 January 1929
     George W. Vohon was born circa 1866 in Illinois. He was the son of John W. Vohon and Margaret (?). George W. Vohon married Evaline Harless, daughter of James Kenley Harless and Emily Ensign Smith, 2 October 1889 in Shelby County, Missouri.

     George W. Vohon died 4 January 1929.

Children of George W. Vohon and Evaline Harless

William Emmett Timbrook

b. 10 March 1869, d. 29 May 1966
     William Emmett Timbrook was born on 10 March 1869 in Missouri. He was the son of Harrison Timbrook and Eliza Jane Lockmiller. William Emmett Timbrook married Florence Catherine Harless, daughter of James Kenley Harless and Emily Ensign Smith, 4 November 1890 in Shelby County, Missouri.

     William Emmett Timbrook died 29 May 1966.

Children of William Emmett Timbrook and Florence Catherine Harless

Theora (?)

Child of Theora (?)

Colene (?)

     Colene (?) married Roy Stratton.

Child of Colene (?) and Roy Stratton

Carrie Phillips

     Carrie Phillips married William S. Harless, son of James Kenley Harless and Emily Ensign Smith, 19 August 1891 in Shelby County, Missouri.

Children of Carrie Phillips and William S. Harless

Johnnie Ray McElwee

b. circa 1946
     Johnnie Ray McElwee was born circa 1946. He married Wilma Jean Harless, daughter of John R. Harless and Viola Marie Cockrell, 19 September 1964 in Livingston County, Missouri.

J. W. Thomas

Child of J. W. Thomas

Joy Bell Robinson

     Joy Bell Robinson married Noel Franklin Archer, son of Emery L. Archer and Bessie Grace Reynolds, 29 May 1937 in Clay County, Missouri.

Gladys Nancy Early

b. 1898, d. 1978
     Gladys Nancy Early was born in 1898. She married Harless C. Brummett, son of Columbus B. Brummett and Rebecca Jane Phipps, 22 April 1916 in Mercer County, Missouri.

     Gladys Nancy Early died 1978.

Children of Gladys Nancy Early and Harless C. Brummett