Louvenia Mary Martin

b. 2 March 1858
     Louvenia Mary Martin was born on 2 March 1858 in Rock Camp, Monroe County, Virginia. She married Samuel Francis Songer, son of Francis Marion Songer and Susanna Louks, 17 May 1877 in Giles County, Virginia.

Child of Louvenia Mary Martin and Samuel Francis Songer

Florence Vera Harless

b. September 1898, d. 1968
     Florence Vera Harless was born in September 1898 in Iowa. She was the daughter of Homer Herbert Harless and Estella Page. Florence Vera Harless married Agle Emry Carlan, son of William H. Carlan and Olive Swartz, 7 July 1916 in Lucas County, Iowa.

     Florence Vera Harless died 1968.

Child of Florence Vera Harless and Agle Emry Carlan

Henry Williams

b. 30 October 1801
     Henry Williams was born on 30 October 1801 in Montgomery County, Virginia. He was the son of Susannah Williams. Henry Williams married Juliet Lucas, daughter of William Lucas and Sarah Johnston, 14 May 1824 in Giles County, Virginia.

     Henry Williams died in Knobnoster, Johnson County, Missouri.

Children of Henry Williams and Juliet Lucas

Elizabeth Goings

b. 29 March 1804, d. 21 February 1882
     Elizabeth Goings was born on 29 March 1804 in Montgomery County, Virginia. She was the daughter of David Goings and Susannah Williams. Elizabeth Goings married Samuel Graham Campbell, son of Isaac Campbell and Hannah Moore, 1 December 1829 in Montgomery County, Virginia.

     Elizabeth Goings died 21 February 1882 in Delaware County, Indiana.

Children of Elizabeth Goings and Samuel Graham Campbell