Byron Gregory Williams

b. 8 October 1975
     Byron Gregory Williams was born on 8 October 1975 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. He is the son of George Byron Williams and Kathryn Anne Harris. Byron Gregory Williams married Melissa Moore 23 May 1998 in Vista, San Diego County, California.

Child of Byron Gregory Williams and Melissa Moore

Mary Jane Lumpkin

     Mary Jane Lumpkin married George Luther Williams Jr., son of George Luther Williams Sr. and Nancy Burk.

James Martin

b. 15 August 1805, d. 4 March 1861
     James Martin was born on 15 August 1805 in Virginia. He married Jane Verlinda Williams, daughter of George Luther Williams Sr. and Nancy Burk.

     James Martin died 4 March 1861 in Yolo County, California.

Children of James Martin and Jane Verlinda Williams

Mary Hale

b. circa 5 February 1805, d. 1 August 1881
     Mary Hale was born circa 5 February 1805 in Virginia. She married John Burke Williams, son of George Luther Williams Sr. and Nancy Burk, 6 June 1825 in Giles County, Virginia.

     Mary Hale died 1 August 1881.

Children of Mary Hale and John Burke Williams

Amanda Tabor

b. 1834
     Amanda Tabor was born in 1834. She was the daughter of William Tabor and Sarah Harless. Amanda Tabor married Jacob W. Simpson 23 October 1852 in Montgomery County, Virginia.