Changing Servers and Downtime

I know this site is popular and I enjoy sharing my research, but over the last 20 years I have put a lot of money into this and I can’t keep doing that so I have moved the site to a cheaper server. In doing so I have lost some files and all of the databases that fed the various searches. The tree is still ok and so are the blog posts, but some (all?) of the images are gone. I have backups of everything and will work on getting things back to normal but I may not be putting the databases back as those cost more money and a lot of time. I had a lot of fun writing those and learned a lot along the way, but rebuilding them is time consuming and hosting them adds to the cost. As I see it, my choices are to cut my costs to a level I don’t mind paying or to ask for help. At the moment I am choosing to cut costs, but if anyone would like to sponsor a particular database (military, city directories, on this day, graduates, etc.) I would be happy to re-create it.

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